New 2560x1440 monitor is making multiplayer unplayable!

Hey guys.. recently just got the ASUS pb278q monitor and I LOVE it, however there's a big problem. Ever since I started using it my multiplayer games like BF3 ( ping would bounce up to around 300-400 scale) and Planetside 2 have started to lag pretty crazily. My frame rates are absolutely fine but I'll see people glitching about and all sorts, so much that it is pretty unplayable. So you can probably understand my concern... I really hope you can help me as I tried searching for someone who had a similiar problem but couldn't find one...
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  1. I just put it down to 1080p there and still got the same problem. I've also tried keeping the main internet connection wire away from the screen incase and it's wires incase there was any interference going on but still no luck...
  2. What cpu do you have in the system,and the graphics card you are using. It looks like the culprit the network adapter still has to go through the cpu to work, so if the cpu is in high demand it will be the cause of the High pings you are getting from time to time the cpu may be bottle necking the system.Have a check in the CCC control panel or Nvida depending on the card and check that Physx is set to use the GPU not the cpu. it may help.
    But the spec of the current card may be the cause when using it at such a resolution.
    How did it perform on the old monitor you had was it set to a lower resolution ?
  3. I'm using a GTX 480 and an i5-3570k clocked to 4Ghz... And the old monitor was at 1080P but even with the new monitor set at 1080P it still caused problems.
  4. your monitor doesnt affect things like ping and connection
  5. Yeah that's what I thought but ever since I've set up this monitor it's messed it up! Really can't think what's doing it :/
  6. I have a GTX670 and play BF3 as well at first I thought it was the 1440p resolution which would in fact be more taxing on your card. Ping and connection like neon said have nothing really to do with your problems I think. I try to stay with US servers or a Country that isn't far away although I normally have AMAZING luck with German Servers. I have ping issues at times honestly but that is because sometimes the maps that have players are sometimes out of country and I have fiber optic internet from Verizon 50 down 25 or 30 up I can't remember.
  7. the problem must be on your network adapter.
    try updating drivers and check connection speeds.
    try playing bf 3 singleplayer and see what the results are.
  8. I'm telling ya sidd the ping when you play in other country's can sky rocket. I would bet him playing single player will show that most certainly. Also nice monitor a1an I have the PB238Q I didn't have the stomach to buy the 27 inch:P
  9. I played in servers where I was the only person and it still sky rocketed. And for some reason if I put things at the top of my screen they dissappear even though if I hover my mouse over the bit where they dissappear and drag down they come back into view again? and thanks bigshootr8!
  10. Hmm very odd but yea your problem is quite common and I get kicked from a lot of servers due to the ping being over 150 I think it is. Hmm your mouse disappearing is quite odd I haven't noticed that. Also no problem now give me your 27 inch screen :D :pt1cable:
  11. Also I did the Pingtest and I got a ping of 30ms with a jitter of 19ms.. I'm pretty sure my jitter is higher than before...
  12. What is your down and up?
  13. My mouse doesn't dissappear, just my icons... this is driving me mad... might just give you the monitor haha. :P
  14. 28.96 Mbps down and 3.67 Mbps up!
  15. haha hells yes nothing like the hook ups :) yea your internet isn't bad your upload is low but that shouldn't do much. Hmm do you think part of it is the resolution making things disappear?
  16. I don't know... I switched the two DVI cables coming out of my GFX card so my main monitor was the no.1 monitor.... and tweaked a bit with the "set up multiple displays" nvidia screen.
  17. Nvm, managed to fix the whole dissappearing thing by messing around with it a bit more, now I just need to fix this damn ping problem! :(
  18. Put your resolution at a setting your old monitor can handle, play the game, see if it lags, swap to your old monitor, play game, same server, see if it happens again.

    It's a real easy test to eliminate the monitor (still not sure how) but it's the easiest thing to do.
  19. Wait I'm confused are you using mutiple screens? I use the display port connection that came with the screen its capable of higher bandwidth.
  20. Yes bigshootr8 and nah the GTX 480 doesn't have a displa port so I use the GTX 480's two dual link DVI-D ports... and getochkn I unplugged my new monitor and played at 1080P with just my old monitor plugged in and still had the ping problems. My helicopter in a bf3 empty server would keep lurching about the place while maintaining good frame rate.
  21. So yeah it must be something else.. but I can't think what?
  22. Have you tried hooking up your old monitor? There is a possibility that your ISP has done something to get in your way. I once had a month of horrible connections with Comcast, when they were working on the lines in my area. They didn't notify me either. I got a couple months free after complaining.
  23. Yeah well I already had my old monitor hooked up so I just removed the new monitor and I did the pingtest : ping = 37ms jitter=27ms and the speedtest : 12.22Mbps down and 3.52Mbps up! so worse than before... bf3 was just as bad as well.. I played farcry 3 singleplayer however and I got none of the lag I encountered when in bf3 multiplayer and planetside 2.
  24. It seems like your having rubber-banding issues. Those issues are only caused by sudden drops in your network connection or lost packets. Think of it like a car engine misfiring occasionally.

    These issues are most common on wireless networks or "shared" networks like some apartment buildings.

    Your download speed seems fine but your upload seems a bit off as it's usually about 1/5 of your download speed. Typically on multi-player games your upload speed is more important than your download speed.

    Also, try resetting your modem/router and see if that helps.

    I would run some type of network monitor and watch your connection ( control + shift + escape then select networking ). Turn off any programs that use bandwidth (torrents, etc) and see what happens.

    You could also try using the command prompt (start button - run or search box - type "cmd" without quotes and hitting enter) and then typing "ping -t" and the ip address of the server you are connecting to to see the extent and how often your ping fluctuates.

    Example, one of my favorite BF3 servers (pRc - REDDIT: 64p | All Maps | Team Balance | PBBans GGC) it's ip address is

    So to ping it I open the command prompt and type the following:
    ping -t

    Then you will get something that says and it will keep repeating with only the time=XXXms changing:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=XXXms TTL=106

    The only number that is important is the time=XXXms, as that is your ping to that server at that given time. If you happen to see something that says "Request timed out." then the information was dropped and it is a lost packet.

    If you have a solid connection then your ping should not fluctuate by more than 40ms between the highest and lowest ping.

    Also, let this run for about 2 or 3 minutes and see how things look.

    Stop it by pressing Control + C

    After doing that you will have your ping statistics show up. You will have the number of packets sent, packets received and packets lost. Also, the important stuff, your ping times.

    They will be listed as minimum, maximum and average.

    The closer those numbers are to 0 and the closer they are together, the better your connection is.
  25. Okay thanks I'll try that tomorrow. :) Going to sleep now!
  26. Well good news I reset the my modem/router and I started playing a game and it worked just fine :) no glitches or anything and I was around 20 ping. I couldn't get that ping -t thing to work... i'd put in the address after and it would say "Ping request could not find host "xxxxxxxxxxx" Please check the name and try again" and I did it 3 times but atleast I'm not getting this rubber banding anymore, good description of it actually.

    Doing the speedtest also gave me 46.84 Mbps down and 4.8Mbps up which fits with what you said even though virgin media says we have a 100Mb download rate but we got the upgrade from 50Mb up to 100Mb for free anyway...

    Anyway I feel like an idiot for not resetting my router to start with.. it's what I usually do but I've never had anything like that before and since I just got my monitor it was pretty suspicious. Thanks everyone, I am now a very happy gamer!
  27. Sounds like you fixed your problem but be aware of one thing, you may be running out of video ram on your GTX 480. Get MSI afterburner and check it while you are playing at 2560.
  28. "Correlation does not imply causation"

  29. Couldn't be more right neon! and Scotty99 the GPU usage is like maxed out when I open BF3 but it plays well.
  30. I can't imagine it being that much over because battlefield will use around 1.5-1.8. Just out of the blue did you have plans to upgrade when the 700 series comes out a1an?
  31. Haha yes actually, was planning on getting a 780 or a 8970 in the summer time after my exams are all done...
  32. Yea not a bad plan sir :) Can't wait to see what the new card dish out. My guess would be better performance and better support for high resolution displays.
  33. Pretty much haha, higher memory interface will sure help things go along... I hope it's around £380
  34. well hard to say but hopefully you are right. Hardware is cheaper then I remember it being long gone have the days of 500 dollar video cards.
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