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I want to build a 0+1 RAID volume so I need 4 hard disks. My bugdet for the whole set is about €500 and I need more than 40GB total storage volume. I want both good data transfer, although I don't need top performance, thus 7200rpm seems a must, but I do need reliable, quiet and cool drives. They are going to be placed in 4 3.5" slots in the back of my Aopen HQ08 case with two case fans behind them for cooling. These drives will be running in a workstation/personal server environment, although there will be the possibility for them to shut down after system idle time, overnight for example, although the system will be running 24/7.
My current thoughts (in order of preference) are:
1. DiamondMax Plus D740X 6L040J2 40.0Gb
2. Fujitsu MPG3409ATE 40.9Gb
3. Western Digital Caviar WD400BB 40.0Gb
4. IBM Deskstar 60GXP IC35L040 40.0Gb

Does any array made from 4 of these drives sound reasonable? I think there is not much to choose between these drives, so reliability is really my main concern. Does lower operating temperature improve reliability?
Please post your suggestions, experiences.
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  1. You seem to be planning a solution somewhat similar to my own system. I only have two drives at the moment, but I know what you're after.

    I went for the IBM 60GXPs. They're fast, cool, reliable, inexpensive (no I don't work for IBM. LoL). I run then inside an HX-08 case (brother of the HQ), and the space in there allows for a lot of ventilation. Good case.

    If you want to get them even quieter, use drive enclosures. I then on my drives and they're sweet. <A HREF="" target="_new">Here's</A> where I got mine. There's also quiet HSFs, PSUs, and case fans to be had there. My whole system is packed with their stuff, and it works!

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Here's</A> a link on how to get the system nice and cool. I use 80mm case fans all round, but this guy used a 120mm fan on the front.

    Oh BTW, if you decide to use the enclosures, make sure you use standard ATA cables and not the round ones. The enclosures can't close properly with round cables attached. Just tie back any loose cables with tie-wraps.

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  2. why not two at 60gigs you do not need four
  3. Why does he not need four?

    2 x 60GB RAID 1 = 60GB array.

    4 x 60GB RAID 0+1 = 80GB array.

    He might want to go for 4 x 60GB 60GXPs.

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  4. Quote:
    4 x 60GB RAID 0+1 = 80GB array.

    No, that would be 120GB :tongue:

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  5. Sorry. Meant to type "4 x 40GB"

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  6. The reason is I would like both parity (mirroring) and high read/write performance. Two disks with mirroring give very poor read/write performance. A 0+1 array can give me both parity and performance.
    What I really want is a RAID5 array, but I can't afford it.
  7. There's no parity bit involved in any of those RAID levels.

    If you want Parity you have to get a better RAID controller. All RAID level one gives you is fault tolerance. It does exactly what it says and "Mirrors" the data.

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