Need advice on setting up 4 monitors

Hello :)
Im going to upgrade my current computer system so i can have 4 24"monitors (2 by 2, effectively it should look like a 48" screen, but with different displays), here is what im thinking of getting:
The CPU = Intel i5 3570k
Ram = Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz 16GB
Motherboard = i was thinking ASUS P8Z77-V LX, Socket-1155
GFX = i currently have a 550ti, which supports maximum 2 screens, so i was thinking either 660ti or something in the same price range. I heard something about amd eyefinity being better for multiptle screens but i don't really know much about it. I'm just used to Nvidia.

I currently have a 750W power source.

Not that it should matter much(i think), im also putting in an SSD.

Hope i can get some great advice on how to improve on carrying out my upgrade. :)

Christian Henriksen :)
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  1. amd is the best for multimonitors so better get the 7950 for your quad monitor setup. All the rest of the system is fine.

    for the monitor setup you can daisy chain 2 monitors at one time and connect them to the display port.the 7950 supports at least 2 dp s,so you should be fine.
  2. Yea agreed a 7950 would handle it better then the NV counterpart. AMD has really great multi monitor support I would just be sure that the card you land on supports more then 3 as eyefinity I believe starts at 3 and moves up to 6 however you have to be able to do 4 I'm almost certain.

    You can do as Sidd suggests daisy chaining 2 cards with display port and then using dvi.
  3. Something like the Sapphire Flex would be perfect I feel for you I was looking back and forth between the vapor-x the Flex supports up to 5 screen eyefinity. The vapor at the same price will not.
  4. Great responses :) I only want 1 card so the sapphire Flex seems great :)
    Do any of you have experiences in running 4 screens, 2by2? Would it work in the same way as duel screen works, where you can press your Windows Button and an arrow-key, to move the active window to the other screens, so they could be moved upwards instead of only sideways? I wasn't sure that eyefinity supported that kind of resolution, in comparison to the 3 screens next to each other, that you often see for gaming, but i suppose it supports a lot of different setups :)
  5. hmm well you would have to play around with it. I would imagine you could run it in portrait and just orient the monitors as you saw fit :) Otherwise yea you could go surround. But I think it would feel better 1 on top of another side by side. Eyefinity can support crazy MOFO resolutions let me show you :)

    or this shizz

  6. I might suggest that the cheapest alternative is to attach two monitors to your integrated graphics on the motherboard.
    That should be suitable for multiple displays used in a stock trading system.
    And/or, you could add an inexpensive discrete card such as a $30 GT610.

    If you are after some sort of wide angle gaming, then that requires a very strong graphics card.
  7. However he does want to only use one card. It makes sense to go with the flex with its flexibility of being able to do 5 monitors out of the box.
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