What is the PS4 specs comparable to?

Hello all,

This question may or may not be too early to answer but the PS4 has been revealed to us. I was wondering what the system specs would be compared to the pc parts we have available now. Like what is the APU in the PS4 equivalent to in our terms and the graphics card, etc, etc.
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  1. No one knows just yet but since its based on Jaguar next gen I can't imagine it will be powerful. Jaguar is the lower end next gen APU meant for mobile devices.

    Maybe equivalent to an HD7750 at the very MOST...
  2. Jaguar is the AMD equivalent of an intel atom . Very low end processor cores , modified , probably to exclude anything that was not going to be used for gaming .
    The graphics hardware seems to be next gen AMD radeon

    Buy a PC .

    The games are better
  3. All I have to say on the matter is that a console will never be as powerful as a home computer (with exceptions, of course) they can build a console 10x more powerful than a computer but somebody will just come along and make their PC more powerful. The PS4 specs aren't bad, but they're not great
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