Is a GTX 690 worth it?


I am looking to buy a GTX 690 for my system.

Is it worth it? will it last a couple of years?
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  1. I was going to get it too but i am waiting until march and april its just a few month from now if NVIDIA Released GTX 790 so i will get GTX790 because its 30% Powerful than GTX690 and it is the same price as GTX 690 so believe me if you buy GTX 690 right now once GTX 790 released the price of GTX 690 will drop about 200$ so i will say wait for the new GTX 790 its wroth the wait !

    BOTH GTX 690 and GTX 790 will Last 4 years for gaming !
  2. ^ +1
  3. Prices of gtx690 is unlikely to drop with release of the gtx790, they will just become discontinued with the reales of the next nvidia x90's as previous cards have. I bought a gtx590 and sought to buy a second a year latter since the gtx690 was released to find they were very rare to obtain ( discontinued) and paid the same price as the first one after attempting them to drop the price as discontinued etc - short outcome no!

    Wait for the 790 then decide
  4. Don't Wait Because GTX 790 Will Cost even More Than the GTX 690 You see the price different between GTX 680 to GTX 780 !, There are always new GPU's and CPU's Motherboard's ram's will come out if you say i will wait for the new one you gonna end up waiting until forever lol just go and buy the GTX 690 i think it will be a great GPU! GTX 690 probably will cost around 1300$
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