Windows wont automatically boot. please help

I bought this new computer from cyberpower, but for some reason it windows wont automatically boot up. Let me explan..

I start my computer
The motherboard splash screen appears, and it just stays there.

The only way I'm able to load windows if I go directly to the bios to boot override and select the hard drive. It loads and windows 7 works fine. I thought the boot priority could be wrong, but thats not the case. I got this computer overclocked...could they have changed a setting that affects the boot/windows startup process. I ran a mem test on the ram and no errors came up. I dont think the mb is bad..every thing works. Skyrim is awesome on it . Just having this one problem. Please help.

mb: gigabyte ga-z77x-up4
cpu: i7 3770k
gpu: 680gtx
hdd: toshiba brand
ram: 16 gb g skill ripjaws
psw: 850 corsair
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  1. If it's new it's covered by manufacturer's warranty so contact them.
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