No VGA Output

My problem is that when I try to connect my computer to a monitor it doesn't send any signal, but when I try the same cable on a different computer and the same monitor it gets a signal. This is a custom pc with a brand new mobo, ram, CPU etc.

Any suggestions?

CPU: AMD FX 6100
PSU: 650w
RAM: 8gb Corsair Vengence
Mobo: ASUS M5A78L-M LX
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  1. Does the dvi or hdmi work? I would try clearing my CMOS. I had one build that I nearly RMA'd the motherboard but after clearing the CMOS even though it was fresh out of the box it worked. The only thing I could think is that a bios flash at the factory failed (or it was returned and shipped back out as new)
  2. Thanks for the tip,but it just occurred to me that my PSU was a replacement for my pc who's mobo I replaced (for the one I currently have) because of this very problem, and this fixed the problem for a while. Now I think my PSU might be defective. Thanks for the help anyways.
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