Sensible upgrade path for gaming PC


I am currently working with:

CPU: i5-2500k @ 4.0GHz
MB: Asus P8Z68-V LX
GPU: EVGA Classified GTX 590
RAM: 2x4GB 1333MHz (not sure on brand)
HDD: WD Caviar Blue 500GB
Display: Sony 55HX850
Audio: Logitech Z906

I am looking at getting a SSD, and I don't really need more than 500GB for storage anyway. It's obviously not a bad system but I want to know what would really help round it out more, if there are any bottlenecks, etc as I have no idea what's out and what's around the corner as far as hardware goes.

My first guess would be getting high quality RAM @ 1600. Is 8GB still the most reasonable amount of RAM for a high-end gaming-only PC?
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  1. 8 g is enough for gaming (most user don't even past the 4-5gb point so you still have room there...)

    1600 CL9 for intel is the best as faster (unless you touch the Base clock) don't improve performance in gaming...
  2. Adding a 120GB SSD would certainly speed up boot/loading times compared to a standard hard drive. Other than that, I really don't see much that can be improved upon by enough of a margin to justify the cost. That's a pretty good "Sandy Bridge"-era rig, and even the upcoming Haswell chips aren't going to be enough of an improvement to justify upgrading.
  3. yes, 1600 mhz ram will be a improvement over 1333, but thats hardly a bottleneck. Solid pc overall
  4. SSD and nothing.

    1600mhz ram will be an improvement but at best 1%-3% at benchmarks.. Not in actual real life use.
  5. Upgrading to 1600 MHz RAM will only show in benchmarks, not real use. Get the biggest, best SSD you can afford.
  6. Okay, let me modify my question a little... what would make the largest leap towards a stable, high framerate in Crysis 3 for me? I currently run it at max, 1080p, vsync on but AA off. It runs a consistent 40-60 in the majority of scenes but it will drop to 15-20 frequently. I realize not all engines are equal in how they utilize hardware, but just as an example, what would make the greatest contribution towards performance on CE3? Or is it just at that Crysis 1 level where it will take patches, drivers, and/or future hardware to fully tame it?
  7. Apparently you need something like 670 SLI.
  8. I think a 120GB SSD will do it. The OS , two games and some softwares can be stored on 120GB. 1333MHz Ram is more than enough. No need for 1600MHz. 8GB of RAM can handle games with ease. Your Rig is just perfect for Crysis 3. I recommend you to buy a SSD with Capacity as much as you can afford and need. The OCZ Agility 4 Series will just do it. If you can afford go for a Corsair Force Neutron Series. They are the best SSDs in my opinion.
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