ACR and Fable III Micro-stutter

I have an FX-4100 with a HD 6850 and 8GB RAM. I can run most games no problem but for some reason I am getting micro-stutter in Assassins Creed Revelations and Fable III (I think I get it in some other games but cant think off the top of my head)I have tried disabling V sync and forcing it through AMD vision engine control center I have put all settings on lowest and the games look horrible but still I get micro-stutter when I look around and when I go into new places on ACR. For ACR I also tried removing a file from its main directory because it was recommended on a thread I found but it didn't fix. The games are in steam so all up to date. I find it weird how I get micro stutter when I thought it was just Crossfire cards that get it?
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  1. It's worse on Crossfire, but exists on any setup (except maybe single Kepler setups). has done a lot of testing on this, worth a look.
  2. download the latest display drivers and the CAP as well.
  3. Thanks sam but how does this help my problem? I have 12.1 catalyst installed so all drivers up to date, what is a CAP?
  4. I was wondering about CAP. In your position, I'd buy a new card like a GTX660, which should deliver far more consistent performance as standard:

    If you don't have the money (or just want to wait for newer models before upgrading) then your next best option is a program called RadeonPro. Download and install it, then install FRAPS (if you don't have it) and use FRAPS to benchmark worst-case scenario performance in your game. So a big open area where you're fighting a load of guys or just lots of people around. Then you've got your worst-case performance. Then you calibrate RadeonPro to fix your framerate there, and that should eliminate stuttering. Keep in mind if you change your settings (or obviously if you play a different game), you'll need to re-benchmark to get the new framerate to limit it to.

    EDIT: Is CAP Catalyst Application Profiles maybe? I never bothered with that stuff myself, but might have made AC2 a bit less jerky on the dual-GPU card I had. Application Profiles were meant to be helpful with dual-GPU setups.
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