XFX 7950 Problem need help please!!

i have been playing battlefield 3 earlier for about 30 minutes and then all of a sudden my pc switches of and i have to unplug and plug it in again to get it to turn on, this is the 5th time this has happened while gaming and i dont know whats happening, by the way i just had a new psu it was very cheap and is not a brand known for quality could this be the problem: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/750w-alpine-alpine-750w-quiet-fan-atx-v203-psu
other specs
phenom x4 855 @3.3
gigabyte motheboard 1 pcie slot (dont know the model)
8gb g skill 1600 ram
1tb 7200 rpm hard drive

Any help is appreciated :)
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More about 7950 problem please
  1. Your problem is definitely the power supply. I would guess it might put out 400w and is by no means providing stable power to your high end GPU.

    I recommend a Seasonic, Corsair, XFX, or Antec of 550w (or higher).
  2. rgd1101 said:

    sorry i just needed help quickly, wont do it again
  3. COLGeek said:
    Your problem is definitely the power supply.

    this right here, as the PSU according to its own specs can output roughly 450w on the 12v rail which is pathetic for the 750 rating it has

    my guess is that it can't output anything close to this on the 12v rail

    also, it is not 80 plus certified which means it is more than likely complete crap
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