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I've built myself a small desktop PC for general use, but I now find it to be sometimes kind of slow, even for regular stuff like opening Thunderbird (takes too long, and my HDD/Windows is new and empty). I'm not too computer savvy, so I don't know whether I need more RAM or better CPU? And is it essential to get an SSD for much better performance, as they tend to be three times more expensive?

Also, after I get one of those to speed it up, do I also need a more powerful PSU? And what about an additional fan - am I going to need one? Because it all adds up... Thanks!

This is what I currently have (that's all of it):
8GB (2x4GB) Corsair DDR3 XMS3, PC3
500GB Seagate ST500DM002 Barracuda
1GB EVGA GT 610, PCIe 2
Fractal Design Core 1000 Black micr
Gigabyte GA-H61MA-D2V Gen 3 USB 3.0
Intel Core i3 3220, S 1155, Ivy Bri
450W Powercool PSUPC450AUBAM, Modul
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  1. you may have spyware or a virus. I would from another pc that know to be clean make a hirem boot cd or a virus rescue boot cd and scan your system. i would then run malware bytes and ccleaner and a good defrag. your system for word and web is fine..has a lot of meory and a good cpu and mb. no need to drop any money on the rig unless you want to game. with your rig i would check that your mb has the newest bios rev for any bugs. i would run hd tune check that your hard drive is fine.
    make sure your running the newest drivers for intel chipset/video card and sound and network. make sure the hard drive set to achi mode not ide or raid. make sure if your using only one monitor the monitor on the nvidia gpu and you have the nvidia card as the first boot device in the bios. a lot of people put the monitor on the onboard gpu. it work but it not as fast as the stock gpu. if this is a work pc or one where your opening and closing a lot of windows...think about picking up a second monitor and run it off the onboard gpu. you can then leave open some of your stuff like thudardbird or ie/firefox on the other monitor.
  2. How much are you looking to spend. Also if you are not from america, please state so :)
  3. I just built it, and it's completely new -- there's no malware or virus on it, as it was like that before I even plugged into the internet. It's not VERY slow, it's just not as fast as I'd like it to be. I prefer simple software like Google Chrome and Thunderbird to open instantly and work without a problem, and my laptop was faster than this.

    I'm from UK at the moment :) I'm looking to spend as least as possible.
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