FPS Drop, Crackling Sound, Audio Drop Out

Hi everyone,

I've been posing my issue across the net for awhile now without any result so I am hoping that someone here might be able to help me so here goes.

So not so long ago, I noticed that on games such as Battlefield 3 and Black Ops 2, the fps would suddenly drop, the screen would lag and it would be accompanied by crackling audio. This would last for a couple of seconds - varied really - and then it would either return back to normal with audio or return back to normal but the audio would of dropped so I was in silence.

Oddly, I found that by plugging headphones into the tower, sound would return. In addition to that, taking the headphones out would also cause audio to return to the game. Sometimes it would stay or sometimes it would just crash out again. Furthermore, it is important to note that this problem is exclusive to games. It never happens when I am watching a movie or listening to music etc.

The games that I have had the problem with are the two mentioned above and Guild Wars 2 as well.

At first, I thought the problem was the GPU and the drivers. So I did a complete uninstall of the Nvidia drivers and did a clean install of the new ones, but that didn't work unfortunately. So I started to monitor the temperatures of the CPU and GPU. GPU was hitting around 60/70 degrees with the CPU on Battlefield 3 hitting around 73 degrees. I found this a bit worrying, mainly for the CPU so I opened it up and gave all the fans a good clean out. The temps dropped down a bit but they still remain quite high - still around 70 for the CPU. Let me note that this is just using the fans that came with the case as well as the stock intel fan. I did order an additional cooler; however, it never arrived and I never got around to sorting out a replacement.

So really I am at a complete loss as to what is causing this problem. Part of me thinks it could be something to do with the GPU, another part thinks it might have something to do with the temps I am running at and another part of me thinks it could be just network lag. We have a 20 mb broadband, but because I am using a wireless adapter I am a bit weary.

Specifications wise here we go:

Processor: Intel Core i5 3570 K
GPU: Geforce GTX 670
Mobo: ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
OS: Windows 8 64 Bit

If any more information is required, I can happily provide. At the moment though, I have been scratching my head for too many months now. I've trawled the internet for answers, posted on Nvidia forums and just got no where. I have stumbled upon very few people who have a similar problem, but there has never been any solution.

I appreciate the help and hopefully someone has an answer to this damn thing.
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  1. Just thought I'd also add that for the PSU, I have a Corsair TX650
  2. Hi Dannehkins
    I have similar gear as you and having similar problem:

    i5 3570K
    ASrock extreme4
    16gb ram
    Win7 64
    corsair HX650

    I recently upgraded everything except the vid card. So I know the vid card is not a problem!!

    After upgrading I would play BF3 for about 1min and FPS would drop and sound would distort. So I completely removed video drivers (using ccleaner) and reinstalled 314.?? latest geforce drivers. I was able to get through 1 bf3 round before the fps and sound problem returned (but not as debilitating as before) but instead of crawling to a stop, the game came good!
    Was only able to test for 15mins but will retest on the weekend.

    Since the driver reinstall gave me some hope, and then seeing your post, I am starting to think it may be some of the asrock mobo software could be the cause. I tried xfastlan but quickly uninstalled it, but I have xfastusb installed so i might remove that and test some more.

    What software do you have installed?

    P.S. I also downloaded all the latest drivers from Asrock website and reinstalled those. This had no effect on the problem!

    cheers Cam
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