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I just built a PC, but nothing displays on the monitor. I don't even get the bios screen. I tried all of the ports on the graphics card. The mother board is a MSI 970A-G46. It does not have built in graphics. The graphics card is a XFX Radeon 7870. Do you have any idea what the problem is?
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  1. did you connect the 8 pin cable for the cpu?
  2. Yes. I hadn't done that at first, but the whole thing didn't turn on. After that I got this problem. Also, the four LEDs on the motherboard are on.
  3. it may be you didnt install the cpu correctly

    cpu faults will also cause no display as well as graphics faults

    i take it you connected any needed pci-e cables to the graphics card?
  4. bob look at the cpu guild for the mb. check to see what bios needs to be on the mb for the mb to post. becuase there a lot of new cpu dropping you have to be care full of buying a mb that will post with the cpu you buy. if not you have to find an older cpu to boto from or have the vendor flash the bios for you.
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