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Help - My New Monitor is Blinking!?

I upgraded from an Acer 1680x1050 LCD, to a LG IPS234t-pn 1920x1080 LED.

Of course the old monitor was working fine. It uses a DVI connection.

The new monitor blinks off and on every couple minutes for a few seconds, or more often if I am clicking on different windows, etc. It also flashes a “DVI input” symbol in the upper right corner when it does it, to tell me there is a problem…? There is also static along the right border of the screen, and very slight static over the desktop icons.

I’ve tried checking the monitor connections (uses a power brick), re-seating the video card, installing the monitor driver, although that usually isn’t necessary… I couldn’t find a cheap replacement DVI cable locally…

So what do you think? Bad monitor, DVI cable, or video card?

Ps. Seems like I had a similar problem with the border static on the old monitor years ago, but it cured itself…
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    What model is your video card?
    My guess is that it is the video cable.
  2. Sorry, thought my signature was showing... kind of an old system.

    E6600, Asus P5B-deluxe, Sapphire x1950xtx 512mb, 2mb Gskill, Corsair 520w, WinXP.
  3. Sorry, I didn't look at your Member configuration stats first. Obviously, the video card supports much higher resolutions.

    Have you tried the monitor on any other computer or laptop?
  4. No. Good idea.
  5. I still think that it is the cable, but it is always a good idea to test on another computer.
  6. 24 gauge DVI cable arrived from monoprice today.... it fixed everything.

    no more snow / fuzz around the edge, no more blinking screen.

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  8. great!!! glad that you can now use it!!!!
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