Will this gaming setup work?

this is the build that i'm gunning for
i5 3570k 3.4ghz
asrock h61mvs
radeon hd 7870

for my psu im going for fsp raider 80+ bronze 750w which im really not sure if it's a good psu to begin with. not sure if it will last. i'm running on a budget atm but i dont want to replace the i5, the mobo and the gpu that's why i chose the fsp raider. im planning on overclocking my rig as well. just wanna know if the fsp raider is worth it or if i should invest a little on another psu.
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  1. It's an 80 plus certified product. So I would say the PSU would be fine. If you want to be doubly sure, get a Corsair or SeaSonic PSU.
  2. It all looks fine. Personally, I'd choose a different PSU. The FSP raider has ripple outside of what I'm comfortable with:


    I'd go with this instead for about $10 more and 80-plus gold:


    It's a Rosewill made by SuperFlower which is one of the top PSU manufacturers.

    Either PSU would work though and give you enough wattage for any type of overclock.
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