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Upgrading from GTX 560

Hello everyone,

I am currently upgrading my gpu (EVGA GTX 560) and just need some help on deciding what to move up to.

The cards i am currently debating include:

the evga 670 ftw- not sure 2gb or 4gb

and the amd 7970 ghz ed

time: i would like to make my purchase soon in order to obtain the 2 free games if i should choose the 670

Resolutions: i currently play on my 55" tv at a1920x1080 res but i am considering a monitor capable of higher resolutions in the future.

Usgage. strictly for gaming ranging from mainly The witcher series and other rpgs to fps's such as battlefield 3

Current pc specs: 600 watt psu, amd 6 core processor 3.3 ghz, 8 gb ram, windows 7 64 bit ult

overclocking: i do not intend to overclock passed what the factory has already done

sli/xfire: i do intend to purchase a second card in the near future so i will be buying a new psu as well, (any help for what psu would be greatly appreciated as well)

features: i do intend on using 3d as my tv has the capability so better 3d does play a factor

I appreciate any help anybody can give me as i am rather new to building/upgrading my own pc and thank you very much for taking the time to read this.
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  1. I wouldn't bother with upgrading until 2nd-3rd quarter of this year because of the new GPU Gen from nvidia maybe AMD too...

    EDIT: Nvidia has a better 3D driver which is far beyond AMD's 3D so i'd go with Nvidia because of their driver that's better at 3D
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    I suppose its up to you whether you want to upgrade now or not. People will always say wait for this and wait for that and in that time you can be enjoying something and chances are will be for sometime after that. A 670 will last you quite a while and with how pricing has been its been getting cheaper and will continue to getting closer to the release of the new cards.

    I wouldn't go with AMD If you have 3D in mind NV handles 3D a bit better. Also, in terms of memory I would go with 2 gigabytes unless you were running a display that was above 1080p but to my recollection the TN+ panels that are 120 hz do not exceed 1080p so you are safe.

    When you go with a SLi system I would recommend a 750 or 850 watt psu. Sure you won't need all that power. You will however have a little extra and its not good on a power supply unit to put all the stress of putting it under full load anyway.

    Quality PSU's may include but are not limited to
    hx750: 80 plus gold:
    tx750 80 plus bronze:
    ax860: Platinum 80 Plus: if you want more really high efficiency something you will feel more so on a power bill. However comes at a premium as its the top tier for corsair.

    XFX Core Edition PRO750W: 80 plus bronze
    XFX Core Edition PRO850W: 80 plus bronze
    XFX P1-750B-BEFX 750W: 80 plus gold
    XFX PRO850W XXX Edition Semi-Modular: 80 plus silver
  3. thanks for the help, just out of curiosity, staying at a 1920x1080 without 3d woulld the xfx dd 7970 ghz be more powerful than the 670 ftw on average? also which of the cards runs cooler, my guess would be the xfx correct?
  4. Yes the 7970 ghz would be more powerful then the 670 most definitely. Your guess would be right however I would go with a sapphire vapor-x
  5. It's a different story when it comes to 3D because Nvidia side stand on top with 3D awhile AMD are below with 2D... A 670 can be OC to be as or faster than 680 right out of the box but 7970 is still a bit faster especially when it's OC...
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