Intel or AMD?

Gonna start the age old intel vs amd debate, but it isnt actually an argument over which is better overall, just which would be better for me. I was planning on getting either the 6 or 8 core amd's but then read that the i5's give better performance. The i5's obviously cost more but is the price difference worth the extra gaming performance? I want to be able to play high end games on high settings with good frame rates. I also want my build to be fairly future proof, which obviously comes down to the mobo's. There are various amd mobo's that do everything needed for around £55 but read that the intel ones are a lot more expensive if you want to get all the performance out of your components. i dont want to be spending too much but if its worth it to pay more id be willing to. basically, any suggestions for a good processor/mobo combo that wont break the bank and will be future proof?
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  1. if you want a budget workstation and play games, get amd. if you want dedicated gaming rig, get intel. not too much to it
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