1st time builder needs help D:

first, here are my computer specs:
cpu- I5 3570K(at stock speeds)
mobo- Asus Maximus V gene z77
gpu- EVGA Gtx 660(non ti) ftw signature 2
psu- Corsair ax650 650watt 80 plus gold
ram- Patriot viper 3 8GB @1600
ssd- Kingston hyper x 120GB
os- Windows 7 64bit

Ok now onto my problem. i built this computer over a month ago and its been working fine, playing games like minecraft no prob. I then decided to test my system with something a little tougher, so i poped in battlefield 3 and after abound 3 hrs of playing on ultra my screen froze and battlefield went technicolor on me. so i restarted my system and there were all of these horizontal white lines on my screen as windows booted up then my screen went black and my monitor says no imput. this happens everytime i turn on my computer. it doesnt even let me log in after windows starts it goes blank. Now before any one asks, its not my screen ive tried 3 others and its the same thing. so i figured it had to be my os, but even in my bios the lines are there. so i figure its my graphics card. so i take out the graphics card and i plug my hdmi wire into my igpu and the lines are gone! so i go to log into windows and after the start up screen my monitor goes black again! ive tried several things but nothing seems to work. my computer acts as if nothing is wrong, all my fans spin, nothing is overheating, mobo has post code of A0 which means everything's ok, no sata cables are loose. i figure either my graphics card is defective(which would suck because the first one i bought was bad)or my windows is corrupted(unlikely because i only use this computer for games)or bot of those things. I should mention the RAM im using is supposed t run at 2133 but i haven't gotten around to overclocking it in my bios. I would really appreciate if anyone could suggest things to try or if anyone knows what is happening. Plz help because i don't want to reinstall windows ):

P.S. i don't have another system i can try my graphics card in, and i cant reinstall drivers because i cant get into windows.
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    It certainly sounds like your card started going defective. The graphic anomalies you were experiencing are called artifacts. Now I take it you are using a decently cooled case also a quick question are you overclocking anything just curious? I would call up EVGA explain to them the issue that you are experiencing this issue and would like to place a RMA they will be happy to help you with it. I will post a picture of what a artifact looks like so you can see.

  2. I have not overclocked anything yet. i also should point out while the lines are gone without my graphics card my screen still goes black when windows starts. here are a couple of pics of what it looks like
  3. The images are having a hard time loading for me would you mind placing them onto the forums using this method. Copy the image url by right clicking the image then place the link between these brackets
  4. Look like gpu is damaged.rma that gpu.
  5. ASHISH65 said:
    Look like gpu is damaged.rma that gpu.

    i took out my graphics card and ran on the igpu, the screen still went black after windows loaded i still couldn't log in to my desktop(the screen stops right after the picture of windows starting)i think it might be something else as well :/
  6. Hmm maybe you can try to reset your bios I'm sure there is a switch that does it.
  7. reset bios didn't work. if there are no other suggestions i think im gonna reinstall windows, and i the problem persists ill rma my graphics card :(

    Thanks for the replys
  8. Thats strange let us know how it goes man i hope everything gets fixxed
  9. There are strange patterns on screen. It's possibly overheating or you got a faulty GPU/Memory of graphics card. Open up your PC and blow out all the dust and make sure the vga cooler contact with GPU well . Computers are dust magnets..
  10. I still say its the graphics card artifacting I mean yea it could be dust it could be overheating but if this has been going on chances are any quick fix won't solve the problem.
  11. It is definitely the graphics card i completely removed it and i can get into windows fine. I guess ill have to rma it :(
    i have never rma anything before, but there is a first time for everything. Thanks to all who replied ;)
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  13. Glad the problem was identified :)
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