Can i limit a users bandwidth via cable modem

i have a hog of a housemate,
the rest of us use wifi for our internet services but this isn't good enough for are newest member so they have now connected a cable directly into the modem, so now whenever he is online ALL wifi suffers dramatically!!!!!

what can i do to limit his bandwidth and allow the wifi to gain more access
is there a way to limit via his MAC address or IP address???

please help, i do know some stuff but not a lot so will need help to make it easy...

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  1. Most routers do not have the options ti directly limit bandwidth based on ip or mac address. Some of the paid version of dd-wrt do offer this although I've never used one of the paid versions, but I assume it works.

    Probably you best option is to setup QoS on your router for the applications you and your non-downloading roomates need.
  2. the problem is a couple of us like to download but because he is plugged directly into the modem and refuses to revert back to wifi like the rest of us he always seems to drain the bandwidth and we all run at barely anything, i couldn't even open a web page the other day... kept failing
  3. Look at possibly a Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS with Tomato firmware.
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