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hi everyone, im building a pc for my friend and he wants to crossfire two cards. but the DIAMOND Radeon HD 7750 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Support Video Card says that its crossfire ready but there is no place to hook up a crossfire bridge so will it still work without it.
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    I would advise him from doing so that being crossfire. A 7770 costs around 130 dollars on sale so that would be around 260 if he were to buy 2 cards. I would suggest that he look at a 7870ghz edition or quite possibly a 660Ti which will beat up a 7870.

    660Ti: Price list
    if he insists on AMD 7950
  2. A 7750 can do crossfire but it doesn't use a crossfire bridge. Also, you can crossfire a 7770 and a 7750 even though the 7770 does have a crossfire bridge. The motherboard must support Crossfire X for it to work however.

    Also, as bigshootr8 mentioned, if your friend can afford it, just use the money for a better card. The 7770 at $115 - $130 is a good card, the GTX650 Ti at $150 is also good. However, the best cards for the money currently are the 7850's. A 1GB 7850 is about $170 and the 2GB cards are closer to $200.
  3. True I was just thinking of the performance one would get above what he was suggesting with a single card and the price he would of spent.
  4. someone please help me in hybrid crossfire-ing amd a8 3870k and asus hd6670
    in ma device manager it show's both gpu n apu but catalyst centre don't
    display option for enabling crossfire, also i made primary display onborad and
    buffr 1gb
    main board asus F1A75-M LE
    psu cooler master 460w
    also os win8 32bit..
    thanks guys... hope u people to help me as soon as possible...thank U :sweat:
  5. I don't have a hybrid setup however I have a a6 in my parents HTPC and there is a option in the bios for it I'm sure if you were to create your own thread there may be people who will help you :) I don't want to derail this persons question.
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