I'm gonna build my own gaming pc for the first time, need help.

So I'm gonna build my own gaming pc and I don't know much about it. My question is are my specs alright or am I still missing some components/stuff? like some other things I still need to build my pc.

Case: Coolermast SGC1000KWN1 SGC-1000 case

PSU: Corsair HX750v2 ATX Power Supply Unit

Mobo: ASrock fatal1ty z77-professional

Processor: Intel i5-3570K


RAM: G.Skill Sniper 8G Kit(4Gx2) *is 8GB enough or do I need to make it 16GB?

Optical Drive: LiteOn Internal SATA Dual Layer DVD RW IHAS524

Thanks in advance! :D
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    8GB is plenty of ram for a gaming rig. However, you don't have an SSD or HDD listed, and with that mobo and cpu, a separate cpu cooler would help so you can overclock. If you don't intend to overclock, you can save some money by switching to a 3450 or 3470 cpu and an h77 or b75 chipset motherboard.
  2. you still need a harddrive and 8 gigs of ram should do you fine
  3. you want switch the gskills for some low profile ram.
    they fit under after market heat sinks.
    want toss the intel cpu heat sink and use a evo a lot better under load.
    you need a hard drive and or a ssd if you want fast boot times and a copy of windows.
    first build pick up a disosable wrist of thermal paste..two extra sata cables...look on the mb guild to see if they need to be straight endded cables or bent 45 ones. most mb ship with one or two sata cables. i also pick up on new build a small set of computer case screw kits. the 10.00 ones that have extra screws for standoffs and hard drives. if not go to you local hardware store pick up a small bag of hard drive and case screws. also at the hardware store pick up a jug of plastic tye wraps or some velco wire wraps for cable management.
  4. Sorry guys, forgot to add the HDD and CPU cooler

    CPU cooler is a Thermaltake FRIO Universal CPU Cooler Fan.
    My hdd is Seagate 3.5" Barracuda 1TB * is 1TB enough? I'm gonna use my pc for games with huge sizes like Max Payne 3 and Rage. oh and thanks for the reply guys.
  5. Hey.

    8gb of ram would be great for gaming.
    you could save some money by downgrading the processor to i5 3470.
    You should buy HD 7970 and overlock it. instead of Buying Gtx 670.

    I hope I helped! :D
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