GTX 670 FTW - Crashes, Capacitor Wine, Unusable.

I bought my self a GTX 670 FTW, factory overclocked over christmas, it worked fine for the first 3 days of use. Now, constant crashes, error talking about windows kernel and the driver.. I've been through every where - everyone has the same issue.

I've re installed windows, used the latest drivers, not worked. I've wiped the drivers, tried with all the older ones, still no improvement. I've used MSI after burner, and put a +100mV, and underclocked the memory and core, slight improvement, but still crashes. I put the +100mV, and it runs Heaven benchmark, in a wooping frame rate, but glitches the whole way though, and then crashes. Leading to black screen, and a force power off via switch.

I've tried using PCIe 2.0, instead of 3.0, tried x8 instead of x16, used different motherboards, blowing compressed air into the socket, replacing the HDMI lead, using VGA and DVI leads, tried hooking up to a different monitor, set resolutions to lower, disabled windows aero themes, theres nothing more I think I can apart from send the card back..

Any more suggestions?
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  1. sounds to me like its a card issue. Did you try overclocking it more or upping the voltage at all? Cause if you did, you may have inadvertently damaged the card. At this point, the only thing left to do would be send it back and get a replacement.
  2. Yep, sounds like the card is broke - RMA it. Hopefully you got a decently reliable brand and can get the process done quickly.
  3. DarkSable said:
    Yep, sounds like the card is broke - RMA it. Hopefully you got a decently reliable brand and can get the process done quickly.

    Thanks, thats probably what I'll do now :L
  4. Well at least you are going to RMA with EVGA, who are the "best" for RMAing and whatnot.
  5. I'm on my second from EVGA, and that hasn't solved the problems. I started with the 4g over-clocked version and my PC would shut down with 20 seconds of booting (or sometimes during booting.) Put in my old card and there were no problems.

    Spent 2 days doing most of the things described by the OP as well - finally decided it was the card. Took it back to Micro Center and exchanged it for the 2G EVGA non-overclocked model.

    Exact same problems.

    Although possible, I doubt I got 2 bum cards in a row - but I can't for the life of me figure out the problem on this. For now, going to have to stick with my old ATI Radeon HD 5850. :(
  6. I had this problem when i upgraded your PSU may be the trouble
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