Gtx 660 ti with gtx 550 ti as dedicated Physx help

Hello, I have a 660 ti and a 550 ti and i was wondering if a 750 watt power supply would be able to run them both.
Other specs:
i 7-3770 k
h 100
Samsung 830 64 GB Solid State Drive
1 TB western digital blue 7200 rpm
barracuda 3 TB 7200 rpm
as rock z 77 extreme 6
Corsair vengeance 16 GB 1600 MHz
corsair HX 750
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  1. With what you have in your comp, a 750 watt will work, but I would suggest going to at least an 850 watt just to be safe, that way if you get a spike or something, the power supply can still handle it
  2. OK Thank you!
  3. 750w is plenty. it should be able to handle both 660Ti and 550Ti just fine.
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