Need new GPU that will fit my motherboard

Hello everyone,

I am wanting to upgrade my GPU from a Radeon HD 5750 to something newer like the Nvidia GTX 680.

My only problem is my motherboard: m4a785td-v Evo had two cables that currently sitting towards the back of my current graphics card.

The length of the 5750 is 7inch and the new GTX is almost 11.

When the GTX is plugged into the motherboard, does it stick out enough to bypass the cords or am I screwed and need to upgrade my motherboard?

Thank you
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  1. NO you are not screwed what you would end up doing is either buy extension cables or use the ones that come with the video card. you will be fine. pci-e power extensions probably don't cost much I'll go find them real fast.
    6 pin
    8 pin
  2. I don't think that will solve my problem. I uploaded a picture of the motherboard here:

    You can see my 5750 slightly to the left of it.
    There is a PCI just under where my current card is sitting, so maybe if I plug the new one there I might be able to push the wires out of the way?
  3. It doesn't look like it'll be a problem. Those SATA ports appear to be slightly above where the GPU would sit. Worse comes to worse you could rearrange where the cables currently are and use the open ports.
  4. I'm not even sure what that red cable does let alone the black one next to it. I tried to follow it to see where it plugs into, but the manufacturer bound and tucked all the cables away so I can't follow it.

    Would I need to change the BIOS if I plugged the red wire into a different SATA port?
  5. It'd go to either a HDD or an optical disk drive. You shouldn't need to change anything in the BIOS. Another concern would be your power supply. GTX680's require 2 6-pin PCI-e power cables at the least if I remember correctly.
  6. Ry, the red cable is a sata cable it provides the reading abilities to the device whether its a CD/DVD/BR drive or a HDD, SSD. And without knowing your power supply it will be hard to say if you can handle a 680 what power supply are you currently using Ry.

    Ry, you would not need to go into the bios if you plugged something into a different sata port.
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