Opinions on getting a GTX 280, and power requirements

I was looking at getting a new video card, and I saw a gtx 280 on ebay for $40. I looked around and people are saying it is about the same performance as a gtx 660. I was wondering if getting this older card is worth it, or if I should just go with a new card, like the radeon hd 7750.

Also, if I were to get the GTX 280, my power supply only has 1 pci e 6pin, and I thought I could just use a molex to pci e 8 pin adapter to be able to run this card. My power supply is a Turbolink 500w that came with my NZXT Apollo case. Is it safe to do this, or should I look at upgrading my psu, or possibly just getting a different card?
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  1. If you can get the gtx 660 for around the same price, go for it. The gtx 660 is in my mind without a doubt better in performance. Not only that, it only needs one 6pin pci connector so there is no need to upgrade your power supply since it needs a 450 watt.
  2. I would go for hd 7750.getting second hand card is not good.
  3. using molex to pci-e adapter is always discouraged...better you go for the hd7750,it does not even require a pci-e power connector.

    you might also look out for the hd7770...requires only 1 6pin pci-e power connector and your psu can surely power it

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