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6950 3rd Monitor won't enable ( I HAVE ACTIVE DISPLAYPORT )

So I have a Radeon 6950 Dirt 3 edition. I have 2 samsung SME1920 ( i think theyre 18in ) and a Asus VE278H ( 27 in ). I have tried every combination of plugging them in. ( DVI/DVI/DP2DVI , DVI/HDMI/DP2DVI, and switching them all around ). The monitors and cables all work, having tested each individually with success. I am running windows 8, which detects the third monitor, but cannot enable, and this is the same with CCC. I'm aware of the difference between the active and passive displayport, the fact that one of the monitors must be displayport, when hdmi is plugged one of the DVI's is disabled, and that my card is capable of displaying 3 monitors somehow.

My card has a DVI-D, a DVI-S, a hdmi, and a full Displayport.

I have this active adapter.

Here is my card.

Any ideas, am I doing something wrong, do I have wrong hardware?
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  1. Does the monitor just not get a signal or is Eyefinity refusing to work on them?

    For Eyefinity to work they all have to be the same resolution, unless your willing to lower the ASUS monitor down to the others resolution.
  2. So, if I just had any single monitor attached, by itself, it works. Either DVI, and the DP works. Both WIN8 and CCC read the third monitor, and allow me to switch between them, just not have them all on at once. I was hoping to have all 3 monitors on at once, with extended desktop. Not just eyefinity.
  3. do 1 thing...connect the asus monitor to the dvi port.than daisy chain the 2 samsung monitors via vga and connect any one of the using the adapter.

    you might have to lower the resolution of the asus monitor to suite the resolution of the samsung monitors.
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    Try plugging one of the Samsung's into integrated graphics if you have it (Intel system pretty much). You wouldn't be able to game from that screen, but it could work for an extended desktop (that's what I am doing right now, two displays on my GPU and one from the integrated).

    Usually Active Displayport adapters are more expensive (~$50) and require a separate power source from a USB cable. I suspect that adapter is actually passive, despite how it says "Active" and "ATI Eyefinity Certified". Also I can see its not a Dual-Link DVI connection on the other end, while to take full advantage of a Displayport you would need a Dual Link cable.
    Though looking through the rest of the adapters available, im not so sure on this.

    Also it seems someone else has had the same issue as you on another Sapphire card.
  5. Alright, I have tried to daisy chain the monitor. Right now I have the Asus 27in connected to the DVI-D, and the displayport to DVI connected to one of my Samsung 18in, this has a vga connected from its to the other samsung 18in vga plug. There is no option on the monitor to enable daisy chain, i thought there might be. I cannot see the third monitor at all in the configuration.

    I unplugged the daisy chain, and hooked it back into the DVI-S and the computer can see the monitor, just not enable it again. I tried to lower the resolution of the Asus to the same, and then lower, than the Samsungs, with no prevail.

    Thanks for the fast answers guys, any other ideas?
  6. what are the input options you have on your monitor?
  7. 2 hdmi, a VGA.
  8. thats was for the ASUS 27 in, 2 HDMI, 1 VGA

    the samsung 18 in have 1 DVI and 1 VGA
  9. I'll let you know if its the adapter i have, I will go get a new one first thing in the morning. They had several of the more expensive ones that had the usb for added power. I just saw AMD certified for eyefinity and figured it had to work.
  10. yes your adapter is indeed a very cheap one..,it may be the adapter's fault too.

    you can try dvi/vga/hdmi....see if that works.

    don't at all need to use the adapter in this configuration.
  11. Well enlightened one, and manofchalk, it was the adapter. I purchased the 100$ Active Dual Link DVI that has the USB for extra power ( i assume ) and it fired right up like it was meant to be.

    I should add that I tried dvi/vga/hdmi as well, it didnt work. I guess my Asus 27in monitor is just to big.
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