Computer freezes while playing games HELP

i have a problem here and i thought i could ask on here.. well when i play games my computer freezes and its only when i play games but i can play the game for an hour or 2 before it freezes.. there is no dirt or dust in the computer for it is brand new just built it a couple days ago.. and while playing battlefield 3 on max setting i am reaching temps of my CPU around 50 Celsius and my graphics card gets to around 30 Celsius.. and i have also ran virus scanners and has came back as no virus.. my specs are as fallows
I7 3930k
ASRock Z79 Extreme 4
120 gig OCZ SSD
2TB Hitachi HDD
130 gig as a back up
Kingston Predator HyperX 8 gig (2X4)
Extreme Gear 1000 watt power supply
Geforce GTX 660 3 gig
Asetek 510LC liquid cooling
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  1. sounds like it might be a driver issue... contact the mfg of ur gpu and see if they can work it out with you on the phone
  2. Test your RAM sticks individually using Memtest86+. More likely, however, your "1000W" PSU is a cheap generic unit that wanders out of spec under load. Does it have a little voltage switch on it?
    A quality 500W unit would be sufficient for that system, such as anything built by Seasonic (their own, XFX, some Antec, high-end Corsair, some PC P&C), FSP (their own, some Antec), Delta (some Antec), Enermax/LEPA (their own), or Super Flower (new Rosewill, new Kingwin).
  3. remove water cooling. put on stock cooler. play. what happens?
  4. BF3 on higher setting should push your GPU well beyond 30C. 30C is idle.
  5. I wouldnt trust an xtreme gear psu as far as I could throw it. They are the same cheap generic garbage that ibuypower uses in their prebuilt systems. The PSU may not have enough amperage, or steady enough amperage.
  6. ^Exactly. Cheap PSU-shaped objects is where these boutique builders typically shave cost.
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