Is HIS/XFX driver optimized for HIS/XFX Cards ?


I am having HIS HD 6850 Excalibur[Blue Fan :D ] previously I owned XFX HD 5670 DDR5. Now found in XFX CD-Visit to download optimized driver. Also AMD have had 12.10 WHQL for quite sometime-At that time HIs had just 12.8 now today I checked their website it listed when they could have uploaded 12.10 a long ago they didn't+ They have a separte link to AMD driver download page and have their own driver segment.
So my question is-Does manufacture optimized driver best for specific cards or are they same as AMD-?
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  1. No, You can Directly update to the latest driver. They don't Optimize Drivers.
    Just search Google for the Latest AMD Updates.
  2. your new card is not of the same series as your previous the latest drivers from amd site.

    card vendors don't optimize drivers...its just a marketing gimmick
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