Geforce 8800GT driver issue

Yesterday I updated drivers, and after rebooting, after the bios screens, the monitor turned "off" showing: "mode not supported".

I wasn't able to do anything but get a backup version of my pc :S What was the issue? how to update my drivers without not being able to start the PC at all? :P

Many thx for your kind help
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  1. My old GT430 did this the other day and i went back to the old drivers as well i then tried my 9500GT in the machine as well with the same result with the new drivers if i were you just stick to the old ones, with a card that age if its working be thankful and thats what ive learnt with my 9500GT and my GT430 is that the drivers are becoming shaky recently they are spending time and money on the newer cards which is kinda fair, the gtx560 in my main machine hasnt done it and the drivers are up to date on that so just stick to your old drivers for now, if it works be thankful
  2. Right, many thx for your answer. It totally makes sense. After all this time an upgrade could also be an option after all... it served me well tho :)
  3. Yep that's true. I also remember having a very old system and recent drivers sometimes made things worst (chipset or video cards drivers, etc...). With old hardware it's sometimes better to stick with old software, lol! As Snowsniper2 pointed out, the new drives are correcting bugs for newer generations of GPUs, there's nothing for your 8800GT, like if they're optimizing things for new shader models or directx versions, your 8800GT doesn't even have these features so you won't gain any performance or stability with new drivers, might only cause problems because nvidia probably won't even test the new drivers with such old cards anyways.
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