Safe voltage for a gtx 465 overclock?

So every 3-6 months i get a freeze while playing a game, only thing i can think of it being is not enough voltage to my video card (although not sure why it's so infrequent).

I have the galaxy gtx 465 and i have a small overclock on it with stock voltage (.975) and i was wondering if the max voltage allowed by afterburner (1.087) is a safe voltage for the card? On stock voltage and 65% fan speed the highest it hits is 78c in furmark (never over 50c in WoW), so im not worried about the temps at all yet.
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  1. Ive scoured the internet and could not find a solid response, does anyone here own a gtx 465.

    Much appreciated.
  2. I stumbled upon this man I'll start reading to see if I can add anything but you may want to take a look.

    and this guy is doing a guide.
  3. well I don't know if your card can take that kind of voltages...I have seen gtx465 voltages in up to 1.07...but not all cards oc equally well.
    just keep an eye on the temps constantly and if its acceptable enough you are good :)
  4. Well the man in the video goes over doing things slowly so I think that is good. It's wise to do it a little bit at a time.
  5. Well here is the weird thing.

    Apparently there were two versions of gtx 465's and they came with two different stock voltages:

    1. Blue PCB with .950mv
    2. Black PCB with .850mv

    I have the blue PCB but mine is set to .975mv

    1.07 is hardly an increase at all over stock.
  6. it is about 10% increase in voltage.

    i am not sure how much the vrm s and mosfet s can handle

    you can go ahead if you are sure
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