Will this PSU be ok for a 7770??

As title states i have a Gigabyte 7770 OC will the below PSU be ok ??


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  1. yes 500W is more than enough. I have an OCZ, and while I love it, OCZ obviously aren't top notch. Hell my PSU doesn't even have a MOV.

    If you haven't purchased that PSU yet, I suggest you go for this if you can afford it:


    Keep in mind that the OCZ will do just fine.
  2. Yes, no doubt.
  3. Thanks for the replys

    How is your OCZ noise wise?
  4. Completely and utterly silent, although mine is one of OCZ's "premium" PSU's, its gold certified and all that other crap and whatnot. I know the like $100 fully modular zt 750W sounds like a hurricane when you play games though.
  5. lol my ocz 850 just died, haha I guess I was expecting it. The store I bought it from allowed me to switch to a Seasonic 850W for free, so I guess thats good :)
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