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Hi Guys!
Doing an upgrade to my rig in mid January. Going to sell my Sapphire HD 7850 and upgrade to 7870/7950.
I'm using a 22" display, not going dual moniter setup in the future. What do you guys think? I think the 7950 is an overkill for a single display setup. Many people say that 7870 is good for a single display setup. The price difference between two cards is $60. Anyway the rule is to get the best card that can be afforded.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Probably a waste of time unless you get a REALLY good deal on you used card and new card. Don't both unless going 7850 to 7970, and even, it better be DAMN GOOD DEAL.
  2. Buying Considerations

    Like most tech products, graphics cards are segmented by price. Expensive cards tend to be more capable; and less expensive ones usually offer lower performance, consume less power, and are smaller in size (and so fit into a greater range of PC cases).

    $350-$400 Cards in this category include the Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 and the AMD Radeon HD 7950. They offer performance that is nearly as good as that of the top-end, but at a more modest price. If you stick with a 1080p or 1920 by 1200 display with one of these cards, you should be in good shape.

    $200 to $300

    At this level you may have to start making some sacrifices in detail settings. For GPUs such as the AMD Radeon HD 7870, that means running at "high" rather than at "very high" detail level, and it almost certainly means disabling antialiasing.
  3. The deal is pretty good. I also have the option to go for a GTX 660ti which costs exactly the same as a Sapphire HD 7950. I know the GTX 660ti isn't a good overclocker like the HD 7950. I'm not OCing but still it's an option.
    I also have the idea to buy a HD 7870 and wait for the HD 8K series. Then I can sell the HD 7870 to get a next gen card.
    What do you guys think? Stick with the powerful card or plan next gen? :D
    Thanks in advance..
  4. I'd wait, unless you are dissatisfied with some game or solving some specific graphics problem.
  5. I would get a GTX 670 or a 7950 or 7970 a 7870 would not be a worthy upgrade as mentioned above wait, unless you are dissatisfied with some game or solving some specific graphics problem.
  6. Everyone here at tom's would say waiting for a card is a bad idea since the wait isn't going to be over when the 8k series comes out. Next thing you know is you are waiting for 9k series. I kinda answered the question by myself there :D
    Roumer is 8k series is hitting stores in Q2 right? I'd say it can be early Q3. However when 8k comes out it will be overpriced as things has always been. Thaking that to account I might have to wait till Q4 or 2014 to wait the prices to drop. That's a lot of time wasted.
    Guess I'll go with a Sapphire/ASUS HD 7950 instead. Can you guys tell me what's the best option to go based on reviews/benchmarks?
    I can google but you guys know this stuff better than a casual gamer like myself :D
    the thing that make me worried is that article about 7950's micro shuttering thing. There was a review by tech power up and I'd like to know if anyone have noticed it or totally haven't because you can't notice it when gaming.
    Thanks in advance.
  7. I would wait I think your card is more then enough for now unless you run into problems. So that leaves +1 to Big +1 to abbadon. You have a good card for the time being it may not max out every game but it will handle every game with ease and you will get a overall great experience. If I were you I would save up wait maybe a generation or two and get a 300-400 dollar card :)
  8. I know @bigshooter8 what you mean. I'm sorry I forgot to mention that the 7850 I'm using is from a friend of mine and it has no warranty to cover it if something goes wrong. So what I'm thinking to do is selling it (I have a good buyer) and then with the use of some more money to take step up where I can max out the games while feeling safe with the warranty :D
    I think you guys get what I mean. I can get ASUS HD 7950 which is very big, bigger than the sapphire card. I heard the cooler on ASUS card isn't really good. Saw something like "Keeps everything cool but the GPU" about the cooler. I don't know about ASUS build qulity nor Sapphire. Just want to be clear before spending $360 for a card I'm hoping to keep for a couple of years.. :)
    Thanks in advance!
  9. For sure I can understand wanting a card that is covered. I would get either the ASUS card or the vapor-x from sapphire. Since you are after a AMD card of course. Both make great cards you shouldn't be fearful of either company I feel the king though for AMD cards at the moment is Sapphire.

    Either of these will do fine I would favor the Sapphire card although the ASUS card is probably more silent then the vapor-x
    Sapphire 7950 Vapor-x: $329.99
    ASUS 7950 lowest was $349.99
  10. Hi guys!
    Just figured out that I have to upgrade my PSU if I'm to keep Asus HD7950 alive. My current PSU is from Axle. A well known local brand. It has two 12V rails {+12V(1), +12V(2)} but the card needs min 225W/12V=18.75A the PSU is single rail but I'm not sure. The sticker on it says +12V(1) 16A + (2) and combined it's 32A. Taking other components to account I'll need 42A-45A min..
    Upgrading my PSU will cost about another $60 if I'm able to sell my current PSU or exchange it..
    A builder series 600W V2 PSU is $110 around here (due to 30%-35% tax)
    Rreally don't want to step down to 7870 because I want everything MAXD on 1080p..
    What do you guys suggest?
  11. I can't speak for the validity of the strength of the power supply. I would feel safer recommending a power supply from another place then where you are purchasing. You are getting ripped off buying a builders corsair 600 at a $110 dollars. I would go with one of professional power supplies if you were to go with Corsair

    list of power supplies from corsair in the 80 plus bronze area TX, HX, AX are all great series of power supplies through Corsair.
  12. I found this Silverstone PSU from a good dealer. The price is okay. I can't spend too much on a PSU now and 600W+ PSU will make me go bankrupt if I run it for 4-5 hours a day. Electricity is pretty expensive here.
    Is this ST60f-es PSU good?
  13. Looks like they fixed their 12v/3.3v amperage issue, and reputation of the actual manufacturer model is good, not great, but not bad. Seems fine.

    OT: On the topic of eletricity rates, what it is, and where are you, if you don't mind me asking?
  14. I'm from Sri Lanka. I dropped CX 600W PSU because it's kinda aimed at office computers? Their site says that btw so I'm not sure about buying that. Sliverstone is new to me. Have seen it around but haven't used any products they make. This PSU has a single 12V rail and it's 42A. Enough to run 7950 because it'll need (225W under full stress) 18.75A at max load. Got extra 22A+ for CPU,HDD,SDD,ODD and Fans. I think it'll roll just fine. Can anyone recommand this PSU?
    Thanks a lot!
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    Silverstone makes great cases I haven't purchased there power supply units but I wouldn't discount there higher end items either they are kind of a higher end company. The builders corsair power supplies just work they aren't anything special they just work and if that is what you are after by all means go for it. I was suggesting the TX power supply mainly due to the fact that you get seasonic oem components and with the CX you get a cheaper brand of components within the unit.
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  17. I think I'll go with the Silverstone PSU. It fits my budget and heard the build quility is actually better than I expected. They use JP solid capasitors while CX PSUs are using non-JP capasitors. For the price it's the best since a GS 700 or GS 600 costs almost twice as the SE.
    So I guess I'll be buying the Silverstone.
    Thank you guys for the answers! :D
  18. Either would of been fine but the key here is that you want to not go cheap on your power supply you want a decent unit one that will last and keep up with your setup by providing a healthy clean amount of energy to your stuff rather then running at high load all the time. As long as you accomplished that with the new Power Supply then I'm happy I just want your stuff to work and work well man you take care :)
  19. Yep the GS 700 is 17,000LKR (1US$=130LKR) and the ST60F-ES is 10,500LKR. The gap is 6,500LKR which I can put to buy a mid-top tier gaming mouse and a pad. Anyway the GS 600/700 isn't available here (only GS 700 and I really need to keep my electricity bill at a normal rate. So 700W is way too much to be honest. I'd not buy it even if I had the money). So I'm left with CX 600 which is aimed at a medium office PC and not a gaming PC. So my obvious choice is the Silverstone PSU. If it dies I get 3 years of warranty to cover it and get a replacement. :D I guess I'll be okay. I don't have an unlimited budget specially while buying a 58,000LKR GPU :D
    Wish me luck hehe!
  20. Well keep in mind this that having a higher wattage power supply does not mean that you use that power its there to pull from if you get there but its not something that is running. It's hmm like a water tank you use right for a shower at home you have water there to use but when its out its out (heat) same thing. Either way with a single GPU setup and the direction cards are going with needing less power I don't see a issue with your decision.
  21. Thanks buddy! Really appriciate the help.. :)
  22. No problem dude enjoy! :)
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