Streaming HD video over LAN- Hardware Requirements

Hi guys, looking to stream HD video to 2-3 simultaneous clients over LAN from a central server. Currently, I'm having no problems streaming to 1 client using a typical LAN setup (Synology NAS over LAN to Desktop computer). I'm looking to add another client computer and I'm afraid performance will suffer if they access the server simultaneously.

1. Would I be needing a specialized router or network cards (gigabit?) or would normal routers/LAN cards do the job?

2. Will a homebuilt NAS be sufficient? Or do I need to buy a commercial one?

Thanks in advance.
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    For your network, it really depends on the video quality that you stream. Full HD, like playing BluRay iso images over a network really requires gigabit wired, in my experience N wireless doesn't quite cut it. For DVD or lower (or compressed) quality video 100mbps wired or N wireless works well.

    On the NAS question, I use "homebuilt" NAS boxes but that too depends on your definition. A nice QNAP or Synology work great, but if you are a DIY type like me you can build a very nice NAS that will stream BluRay images to HTPCs easily. My most recent build, an ASUS Z68/Intel i3-2300/Adaptec 6805 with 8x3Tb Hitachi in RAID 6 does a great job. Really depends what your needs are and how much time you want to spend on NAS maintainence, but even most onboard controllers will provide adequate performance with a fairly large storage array.
  2. Thanks Realbeast :)
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