Is it possible to Xfire a HD7870 with a HD7970?

If it is, how many watts would you need to keep these two cards satisfied? I own a HD7870 and I would love to be able to upgrade to the HD7970 without replacing my other card.

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  1. Its POSSIBLE... But not a good idea... You would just be wasting money on the HD7970 as it would underclock to the HD7870...
  2. Nope, cant Crossfire those cards.
    The recommended PSU wattage for dual card systems is 750W.
  3. OK thanks, I guess I'll just buy another HD7870 or a HD7850 if I want to add another card.
  4. It's possible, but only with the models like the 7870 Tahiti LE(which probably what you don't have).
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