Asus GT610/Dell Optiplex and Windows 7


I have the following problem:
- Dell Optiplex 745
- Asus GT610 PCIe card
- New harddisk

I want to install Windows 7 on this machine but at the "unpacking" part I get an error message that (some) files are missing or corrupted. I tried the Wndows 7 dvd on another system and there it was OK, so I guess a defective DVD can be ruled out.

Could it be that I need specific files for the HW configuration, and if so, how can I install these files if the OS cannot be installed in he first place?

Thanks for your thoughts on this.
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  1. Which OS version are you trying to install?
  2. Not sure why this is happening but how big is the new hard drive? Are you trying to install it onto one huge partition? Your issue reminds me of how we would have issues with the first release of Windows XP if you tried to install a pre-SP1 version on a newer system, and how you would need to use a more recent version of the Windows installer... but I doubt this would be the case here.
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