DeviceManager doesnt detect Graphic card&Wireless adapter after format

Hey, i got a Toshiba sattellite l855-b511 with windows 8. As i don't like windows 8 i formatted and installed windows 7.
My problem is that the system recognised the graphic card as standard VGA and device manager didn't give the right graphic card. also the wireless adaptor isn't detected, nor ethernet adaptor.
I tried to find drivers on toshiba sites but my laptop model isn't listed there.
Thank u.
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  1. update your 7 will recognizes most of the hardware than and automatically install necessary drivers.

    use this link

    check out the model number on you service tag
  2. you may need to install intel chipset drivers for your laptop mb to work right. (if it uses intel chipsets).
    if your lucky your laptop drivers are in a system or restore partion on your hard drive. if you did not delete the partion you may be able to go into it and look for a folder called drivers. the not so easy way is go to the ethernet driver that missing and under the device info you get a long string of letters and numbers called device id you can google that info and find the vendor of the ethernet chipset and download the driver from them. a lot of people use intel hardware scan that free on intel web page it give you the hardware info you need and may help you find your missing drivers.
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