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Palit GTX 670 with HEC Raptor R500, is this ok?

In the Palit GTX 670 Jetstream, it requires 500w PSU with minimum 12V current rating of 30A.

I will be upgrading but want to know if I can keep my PSU.

Would this be fine with a 3rd gen i5 system (no overclocking) using a HEC Raptor R500 PSU?

I have few HDD drives,SSD and fans but will only use single gpu.

What does the minimum 12V current rating (30A) mean? Do I need to add the rating per rail or is the 19A rated in HEC the one to check?

The HEC Raptor R500 specs are:

+3.3V = 22A; + 5V = 15A; Combined: 130W
+12V1 = 19A; +12V2 = 19A; Combined: 384W
-12V = 0.3A; +5Vsb = 2.0A;
--------------------------Total Output Power: 500W


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    use this link:

    always remember no psu in this world has 100% efficiency. it ranges from 80-90%
  2. Thanks. From the link I got 430W.

    I'm wondering if the two 19A rating per 12V rail of the HEC Raptor is enough for the Palit Jetstream GTX670 30A minimum requirement. Is it wise to get a new PSU or no need to spend on a new one?
  3. yours psu is a dual 12v rail....try to divide all the power connectors evenly so that you don't end up under powering either the cpu or the gpu.

    next time when you upgrade your psu..just ensure, it has a single powerful 12v rail rather than dual.
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