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my computer did not shut down properly and now the monitor nor the keyboard works. I have to hold the green button(start) down for a few seconds to get it to shut down. It is not booting up and there is one short beep and one long one. Have it reparied or junk it? Thanks
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  1. Well first i would look up the MOBO's Beep codes to find out what the error is.

    Also if you want input on if its worth fixing you need to give us some specs to help out.

    but first i would look up the error .. if you do not have the mother board manual you can look at the board its self to get the make and model and look it up on the manufacturer website to see what the beeps mean.
  2. As Tirfi said look up what the beep codes mean and go from there. It could be as simple as a bad ram stick and at the price of ram today it would be a waist to scrap it for just a bad ram stick.

    Also post back your system specs would be of great help.
    Motherboard make/model
    GPU make/model
    Ram make type/speed
    PSU make/model
  3. I always start with testing ram with boot issues because its simple ... If you have more then one stick then you should take out all but one stick of ram and test each one by its self to rule out bad ram ..

    but the beeps are a error code so its always best to look that up first and that makes it so there is no need for the trouble shooting ..
  4. Is this an HP computer?
    If so read this page:
    If not give the info Tirfi requested...
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