Which is better XFX or MSI for the hd 7950?

Him im thinking of buying one of these cards for my new pc and am not sure which to buy. Should i get the "XFX AMD Radeon HD 7950 Double D Black Edition" or the "MSI AMD Radeon HD 7950 Twin Frozr III OC". Which is better?
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  1. They are almost identical, however looking at some benchmarks the MSI card tends to pull away very slightly. But this is only due to the card having a higher clock speed than the XFX card.

    Remember to take into account other things such as warranty and price ;).
  2. msi is much better or so have i heard. people complain about xfx cards not having proper cooling and the fail rate is much higher i dont know whether all this is true
  3. MSI Twin Frozr is better

    it has better headroom for oc and better cooling
  4. Does it make any difference that the xfx black edition has higher stock OC?
  5. My last card and current one are both XFX and still working fine, nothign wrong with them imo.
    Im still rocking a Radeon 5850 black edition thats been on 24/7 since new.

    black edition will have a higher clock rate and therefore be faster. I would consider the Double D version with the 2 fans for better cooling if going with a 7950 though
  6. well the xfx is only 20hz oc d.....with the better cooler that the twin frozr,you can easily oc it to that speeds and much beyond it.

    all the best
  7. Both brands have good reputation. I guess the difference between the two are minimal. But I would have a tendency to go with MSI because I heard a lot of good things about their new coolers, but not that XFX have cooling problems... It could also come down to price, if you get a better deal with one of them it could be an incentive or tie breaker.
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