Nokia 6230i Megapixel Camera Phone

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Description: The 6230 features an integrated speakerphone for convenient
communication, and supports voice commands, voice dialling and
recording. You can record and send memos, conversations and sound
clips, and use Instant messaging. Send messages with text, videos,
photos and sound with MMS, and send normal SMS. This phone features an
advanced multimedia player for editing and viewing content or creating
slide shows. Take photos with the integrated VGA camera/camcorder and
send them to friends and family. It features Bluetooth technology for
seamless and fast wireless connections. The phone book can store up to
2000 contacts, with multiple numbers and text entries per contact. You
can attach a picture to a contact in the phone book to see who is
calling, and synchronize your phone book, calendar and to-do list with
your PC using Nokia 6230 PC Suite. FM radio is included (with a stereo
headset available in box), and it features a Digital Music player for
AAC/MP3 music formats with an MMC card for easy storage.

Key features

GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz
SMS, MMS, Email
Vibrating Alert
1.3 Megapixel camera
MMC slot
WAP 2.0
Voice-Activated Dialing

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    cellmann <> wrote:
    > SMS, MMS, Email

    Actually the email doesn't work. You can send SMTP messages but not receive
    via IMAP; the messages come in scrambled and unreadable.

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