Lagging on a game with a GPU that shouldn't

I am getting only 16 FPS on blockland (Max shaders) and I don't know why. My specs are here: my friend is getting 30-40 FPS and has the same GPU and a lesser CPU. I tried updating the AMD drivers to 13.2 and my Gigabyte drivers for the GPU are at the latest update but still getting a low FPS. Could someone tell me whats the problem?
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  1. Which gpu do you have?
  2. tenaciousk said:
    Which gpu do you have?

    A GB 7950.

    I never heard of Blockland but searching their forums it seems like removing all add-ons can alleviate your problem.

    If it doesn't, looking at it, maybe it's no optimized enough? Try their forums.
  3. I did. Another member of the game has the same GPU and is getting 30-40 FPS on the same server and has the same drivers for the GPU installed.
  4. same add ons?
  5. which version of openGL does your card support?

    what do you mean by "lesser cpu"?.......... try disabling 3 of the 4 cores and see what happens.
  6. I mean't that the CPU is a less powerful version of the i5. and yes I removed all the addons it didn't change anything. How do I disable cores?
  7. windows task manager/right click on application exe./set affinity.

    so you need to start the game so the exe shows up in the window.
  8. I disabled 3 cores. Nothing changed
  9. what other games, and what other internet games are you having trouble with? what kind of connection do you have?
  10. My connection is a bit above average for canada. But I loaded the map in singleplayer and still got the same framerate
  11. go to windows update and see what it has.

    if that doesn't help, go into the device manager and open up and select uninstall of the graphics card. reboot. let windows find card. then go to windows update. what happen?
  12. Nothing happened. Can someone give me a download to the amd driver for a radeon 7950? I don't know if I had the right one
  13. I reinstalled the drivers. No difference
  14. uninstall card. shut down. put card in other pci-e slot. reboot. let machine find card. reinstall drivers. what happens?
  15. According to my motherboard the slot I have it in now is the best for performance. But I guess I'll try
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