First Time HIGH-END Gamming Build (need help)


Power Supply: Corsair 1200watt 80+ Gold
CPU: AMD FX-8350 8-Core
HDD: 3TB Seagate 7200.RPM
SSD: 120GB OCZ (for operating system boot-up)
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR3 (1866)
GPU: GTX 690 GeForce EVGA

So here are the questions i want ask:

If money where no option What would you change? and what would you Upgrade?

If you where on a buget or $2'800 - $3'200 ... give or take... what would you Change? and what would you Upgrade?

AND THE BIG QUESTION! -- Will Any of these products BOTTLENECK the GPU! listed above.
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  1. Best answer
    get this

    hard drive. not 3tb but realistically you cant fill them up


    case. its white but matches the build theme i got going along

    now for your build, this is what id change

    -you dont need that much wattage
    -the i5 is a better gaming CPU
    -there are better SSDs
    -fast ram is useless
    -a pile of ram is useless for gaming
    -690s are overkill. go grab a 7970 for high res instead
    - i wouldnt get one of those panels, given warranty can be questionable.
    -if money is no option, i can tack another 300 dollars to the rig and it wont affect performance one bit
  2. Wow! i never even thought about any of that.
    thank you very much for your detailed anwser! i apreciate the effort and thoughtful layout.
    Thank's :) you've made me re-think the build.
  3. I'm willing to listen to any other's who wish to reply with a better anwser or alternative opinion!
    since i won't be building this for another two weeks.
    i've already bought the case - i forgot to mention that :/
    would sincirely apreciate any other feed back and alternative opinion's! thank you
  4. the case isnt crap so its fine. just the fractal is a better option in my opinion
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