When i restart my computer it displays on half the screen on the monitor

Every time I restart my desktop computer it loads in half a screen. I have to unplug from the power supply for several minutes and then plugin and keep my fingers crossed this never works the first time I usually need to do it 4-5 times before windows loads correctly on the screen.
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  1. well,
    i think u already know what the problem is!!
    it solves when u plug in the powersupply and then it is resolved.
    it is unlikely to be a software problem,
    but u might have a faulty product.
    is the monitor new?
    is anything in your pc new?
    how long have u been having this problem?
  2. Had this problem for about a year, bought a new monitor and it was good for a few months but now it's started happening again.
  3. it is definately your powersupply, u should definately change it
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