GTX 650 out of range

Hello, Can someone hepl me please. I bought a GTX 650 for my son system. Fitted, and installed SW. All working well for over a month. Son install the Starwars game. Went to run it and screen went blank with a msg OUT OF Range. Since then, No matter what I come up with. I cannot get the card to work. Any ideas. Frustrated DAD.
Sustem is a G41, with XP sp3. 4gig ram
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  1. System BOOTs and Windows XP Logo comes up. Screen goes blank, then the OUT of RANGE .
    I have removed the GTX 650, left it out for the best part of the day. And Removed the cards SW. Ran CClener, on the reg. made sure there is no referenc to the GTX 650 in the REG and HDD. But still OfR. Please, someone must have an idea on what is wrong?????
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