New Build, Buyer's Remorse

Hello everyone, went to Microcenter and picked up some most of what I wanted for a new build. Of course now I have buyer's remorse. Usage of the PC will be for backup server, media streaming, and gaming when I can (not often but SC2 and a few others). Will be running RAID 1 as a must. Will be running this through a 60 inch 720 P plasma and home theater system.

Purchased today.

WIN 7 Home Premium - Own it already

I3-3225 - 119.99

MSI-Z77A-G41 1155 ATX - 29.99 (Orig. 89.99 50 dollars off bundle with CPU and 10 Rebate)
Bought the motherboard for a possible upgrade path in 2-3 years cheap for a boost. I know haswell will not use it. But I wanted USB 3.0 and built in Raid.

2 Hitachi 1 TB 7200 Sata - 47.96 Each

Termaltake TR 500W PSU - 32.99 (42.99 with 10 Rebate)

Corsair Carbide 200 R ATX Case - 52.99

Crucial Ballistix 8 GB 4x2 D3 1600 Dim - 39.99

Samsung E 120GB SSF 840 2.5 SATA - 78.99 (98.99 Orig. 20 off with CPU)

So here is the question. Will be getting a 7770 HD atleast with this. Should I return the SSD and upgrade the CPU to a 3570K? Return the SSD and get a better GPU 7850? Or keep it the way it is.

I do not want to touch this computer for atleast 2 years.
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  1. if you wanted to game on this system you should at least get a HD7770... an i5-3470 will be good for SC2... i will not get that PSU, XFX/Silverstone/FSP/Corsair/Enermax/Xigmatek/Seasonic/Rosewill/Antec will be better...
  2. ya the tr2 is a definite do not buy
  3. is the SSD worth it to have then?
  4. rheg915 said:
    is the SSD worth it to have then?

    i would say yes but you can always add in an SSD in the future...Radeon HD 7770 will do well on 720p...
  5. If you are using this computer mainly as storage and streaming an ssd won't help much here because they provide fast boot and load times but thats not really an issue or that much of a benefit in this situation. I would pocket the money or use it on a better psu or graphics card.
  6. So tomorrow return the SSD and get a the i5-3570K with the Evo, and a corsair PSU. Will a 430 PSU work with a 7850?
  7. How about this PSU

    Corsair Builder Series CX500 500 Watt ATX 12V Power Supply?
  8. rheg915 said:
    So tomorrow return the SSD and get a the i5-3570K with the Evo, and a corsair PSU. Will a 430 PSU work with a 7850?

    thats cutting it close..i beleive the corsair 430 has only 24a on the 12v rail
  9. SSD is worth it to have (and $80 is a decent price), but a faster processor or a graphics card will do more for you, I usually wouldn't recommend an SSD until you already have both an i5-3570k and at least a 7850/GTX 660 or higher level of graphics card.
    3rd or 4th get a different power supply - that one is garbage. Get at least the Corsair CX430 (or similar or better quality such as a seasonic or XFX brand 80+, antec 80+ supplies)
  10. CX430 is plenty - has 32A on 12v rail. And an i3 + mobo draws like 75w. Even the i5-3570k full overclocked is like what 150w ? You probably could run a 7950 with an i3 on that supply except that it doesn't have enough connectors.
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