Gtx 560 upgrade to gtx 680 bottleneck issues and fps gain

Hi guys .
I am looking into upgrading my gtx 560 (non - ti) to a gtx 680 card.
The questions i would like to ask from you guys is would a gtx 680 bottleneck my cpu?
And also what fps increase could i expect with the upgrade in games like far cry 3 ens?
I realize it will differ from game to game but a rough estimation would be great :)

my specs if needed:
core i5 2500k @ 4.5ghz
8gb kingston ddr3 1333 ram
msi gtx 560 twin frozer(obviously might change)
msi z68 ed55 motherboard( could be slightly mistaking)
samsung syncmaster B2330 23 inch screen

i game at a resolution of 1920 by 1080 :bounce:
thanks for reply :)
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  1. 40 FPS in Far Cry 3.
  2. 55 fps according to,6.html.

    ur CPU is good enough, wont bottleneck the gtx 680. For better performance the only solution would be 690 (2 cards in 1) or SLI/Crossifire, but i wouldnt recommend it. You would also probably need a new PSU, but dont know because you didnt say what you have right now.
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