Ridiculously slow boot to windows

A few days ago, I restarted my computer and it took forever to boot to Windows. Everything goes as normal until I log on, then the welcome screen takes forever and my desktop takes forever to come up. This could be anywhere from 30 min to hours. Once everything is loaded it runs fine. At first I thought it was my overclock so I restored back to defaults. It still continued so I did a full system cleaning: disk cleanup, defrag, registry cleanup, defrag, thorough boot time check disk, and boot time virus scan. This helped but it was still a terribly long startup. After many system restores, RAM checking, etc. I have noticed that if I try to update my gfx drivers, clean install or just install over previous, the problem is there, but if I don't mess with them things seem to normalize.

Is one of my gfx cards (or both) going out or is it OS rot or something I can't think of?

Any help would be awesome.

System Specs:

Phenom II 955 (was overclocked to 3.8, not at default 3.2)
2x HD5870 (not overclocked)
8 GB (4x2GB gskill ripjaw Cas 9)
corsair 750 watt psu
Seagate Barracuda 7200 500Gb
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  1. Any time my OS has performed dog slow after a OS rebuild, either the PSU blew up or the hard drive died. Then again, not having the correct drivers that are supported by your mobo manufacturer and gpu card can be bad too.
  2. my money is on malware. bad power supplies dont make for slow boots and dead or dying drives would give more severe problems than this.
    i once had a similar problem with a overheating northbridge, but that was with a vary inefficient nvidia chipset. and it doubled boot times, an hour is a software problem. any hardware that could stall your os booting for an hour would give an error.

    anyways im pretty damn sure that if you backed up your data and reinstalled windows it would fix it. its either malware or bitrot.
  3. Hi

    A long time ago at work there was a Dell laptop with a dying hard disk, It took longer & longer to get to desktop (go to 60 minutes or so) but one there ran normally.
    I initially suspected a software problem.

    Get Seagate hard disk diagnostics and test the hard disk to rule this theory in or out


    Mike Barnes
  4. Thanks for the tips guys. Unless it is a very sneaky piece of malware, then that isn't the answer. I downloaded SeaTools and my HDD passed all of the tests. It is definitely not temperature related as all my temps are well below the max. I am leaning towards OS rot causing me a problem so as soon as I am able to get a new external drive (all mine are full :/ ) I will try a clean install. I'm also going to test out a different CPU just in case I caused some problems when I was overclocking.
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