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Hi people, I'm stuck on an old 1GB Radeon 4870 for a while (until new 2013 models launch) since my 5970 died and I'm wondering what I'll be able to max on it at 1080p and 4x MSAA. Or maybe even just low settings if it's not a great-looking game anyway. I'm looking at:

I Am Alive
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
Red Faction: Armageddon
Spec Ops: The Line
Alan Wake
Dead Rising 2
Dead Island
007 Blood Stone
FEAR 2 & 3
Far Cry 2
The Saboteur
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Dark Sector
Postal 3
Medal of Honor
Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason
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  1. just search for the game and click can i run it, It would give you a genral idea of what you can run
  2. a few of those games you wont be able to plat at 1080p, maybeon low detail, but since you own the card and the games and have no alternative, why dont you just play them and adjust settings to suit?
  3. I would say it could work with some of the games just fine. It is still a decent GPU
  4. Should work okay - just disable antialiasing and setup CCC for high performance.
  5. I should have mentioned equivalent GPUs - 5770, 6770, 7750, GTX550 Ti and GTX650. If any of these games are fine on those, they should be fine on mine.

    I'm sure some will play on low, but I was wondering about which I can max. Like I say, I'm happy to use low settings but only if the game isn't graphically-advanced anyway. Like Crysis 3 for example is gonna be a graphics showcase so I'll only play that on a card I can max (or near max) it on, because it's about the visuals.

    But games with really crappy graphics might as well be on low anyway. Not sure which games on that list would fall into the crap graphics category :-)

    I'll take a look and see if I can dig up some old benchmarks for Far Cry 2, FEAR 3 etc.
  6. Oh and I'm not interested in playing without MSAA, even on low settings. OGS, I have that CPU and mobo :-)
  7. Well after going through 20 pages of graphics card articles on Tom's (right back to 2007 when games were benchmarked at 4:3/5:4 ratio resolutions!) I've discovered that Bad Company 2 can be maxed (just about, hovering around 30), Far Cry 2 can be maxed fairly comfortably (40ish, around 30 min) and FEAR 2 can be maxed with ease. Other games I've already played (but may be handy to others in my situation reading this) that are good maxed are Bulletstorm, Duke Nukem Forever and Arkham Asylum.

    Would be very interested in I Am Alive performance if anyone has seen benchmarks.
  8. Also, for the things it can't max... Alan Wake and Starcraft 2 it doesn't stand a chance. Starcraft is kinda surprising since I thought it was mostly CPU-intensive, but seems it needs a pretty powerful GPU aswell to max it.
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