What do i need to upgrade ?


i really want to play planetside 2 on high settings but my pc can only run it on low and the lowest resolution with changes in the settings file (ultra low)

so my question is, what do i need to upgrade to my pc to play the game on high settings and 1920*1080 resolution?

my spec: (i'm on a laptop)

- intel core i3-2350m cpu 2.30 ghz

- 4GB ram

- 64 bit windows 7

- AMD Radeon HD 6630M video card

what do i need to upgrade to play planetside 2 on high settings on 1920*1080 resolution ?

(sorry for my bad englisch
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  1. Maybe your AMD Radeon HD 6630M. Altho I run PS2 in highest settings and its not great fps my specs are:

    Phenom II x4 965BE overclocked to 3.8ghz
    8gb Kinston Hyper Blue 1600mhz
    XFX 7750 1GB DDR5 oc'd to 850mhz
    Thermatake TR2 600w psu
    Windows 7 64bit

    Due to the amount going on in PS2 its a heavy game, at least on my system.
  2. hmm,

    so if i upgrade my AMD Radeon HD 6630M should i be able to play it on medium settings with 1920*1080 resolution ? or do i need to upgrade my cpu to ?
  3. You are running on a laptop. There really isn't much you can do other than increase the amount of Ram you have. Upgrading laptops involves buying a new laptop.
  4. Yeah laptop upgrades are rough, maybe start to save to build a desktop, at least then ur upgradeable for good.
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