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No output to TV, very weird, please help!

January 5, 2013 6:45:04 PM

So this is seriously the weirdest problem I have ever had with a PC, so weird I don't even really know what category to put this problem in. First is a quick back story, please read everything (The RAM I was using was 8gb of Ripjaws X 1866mhz):

I just built a new PC. It boots up perfectly and goes into the BIOS and immediately I see one of my RAM sticks is not being recognized. I figured, no big deal, I'll just operate with the other RAM stick for now and send the RAM back later after setting up my PC and getting drivers installed. So I installed Win 7, updated to the newest drivers for my mobo, gpu, etc., and then I had to restart my PC. Instead of just hitting restart, I shut down my PC to switch the places of my two RAM sticks to check if it was a problem with the ram slot of ram stick. So I put the working RAM stick in the slot the broken stick was in and put the broken one in the slot the working one was in, secured them, turned back on my psu and booted up my PC. Now the red light indicating bad RAM lights up on my Mobo and I tried memok but nothing happened. Not only that, but absolutely no video signal is being sent to my TV. Keep in mind literally 5 minutes before this my entire PC was working flawlessly except for one RAM stick. The mobo is not detecting any other hardware problems and the gpu and cpu fans are running but the HDMI connection with my GPU won't output video. I tried a VGA connection, didn't work either. Tried a new HDMI cable, nothing. The faulty RAM light remains on and memok still won't work. I switched the RAM sticks back to their original positions and figured ok so maybe the mobo is messed up in that one slot but now I'm still getting the same thing even though I have at this point tried every combination of slots to put my RAM in!

SO TODAY I went to Best Buy, bought a single stick of PNY 1333mhz 4gb RAM, plugged it into my mobo, and same problem occurs. RAM light goes on, memok doesn't work, GPU won't output a video or audio signal.

So the real question is, what on earth is wrong with my PC all of a sudden? Did I buy bad RAM twice in a row, do I have a mobo with bad RAM slots, is my GPU broken, is it a combo of all 3? If you guys can't solve this is there at least a way in which I could use process of elimination to solve the problem?

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